Contact lenses

Contact Lenses for Beginners

A contact lens is basically a thin, transparent disc made of plastic crafted to fit in the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses that are available in today’s market can be categorized into four basic types including disposable contact lenses, contact lenses for extended wear, contact lenses for flexible wear and gas permeable contact lenses. Another type that is also available is for special eye care needs.

Below are brief descriptions of the above mentioned contact lenses:

Disposable lenses: disposable contact lenses are made for those people who don’t have time to do the daily cleaning of the lenses. Some disposable lenses are meant to be changed daily while others need to be disposed weekly or monthly. Annually disposable contact lenses are also available. The annual contact lenses are made of a material which is soft and allows oxygen into the eyes.

Gas permeable or Rigid gas permeable or Oxygen permeable contact lenses: These types of lenses provide much clearer vision, allowing more oxygen into the eye. GP or RGP lenses are much easier to clean and last for a longer time than their counterparts. But, these lenses are not easily adaptable. It takes time.

Extended or flexible wear contact lenses: extended wear contact lenses can be worn for 30 days at a stretch. Aimed at people who are always on the go, these lenses don’t need everyday cleaning. You can even sleep wearing a flexible contact lens. Made of soft, flexible plastic, this kind of contact lenses are extremely comfortable and let more oxygen into the eye.

Toric lenses: This kind of contact lens is specially designed to cure an eye problem called ‘Astigmatism’. They come in two varieties namely, soft and gas permeable. The level of comfort and clarity of vision for toric lenses are same as other types of contact lenses.

Here’s a list of helpful tips for first time contact lens wearer:

Wearing a contact lens:

First, you should always wash and dry your hands properly before touching the contact. Then put the lens on your fingertips (cup side up) and pour the liquid on it. Watch the lens closely for any kind of foreign particle. Now hold up your upper eyelid with a finger and pull your lower eyelid with another one. Look up and place the lens on the white portion of your eye. Release your lower eyelid so that it goes up and look down at the floor and close your eyes for a minute. If you are getting a blurred vision, apply a few drops of the fluid onto your lenses.

Removing a contact lens:

First bend over and place your palm under the eye as if to catch something. Look down and move your finger upward and downward to take out the lens from your eye. Then clean with the solution to disinfect the lens. Always repeat all the steps for wearing and removing a contact lenses because if you skip a step, you might end up having an infection in the eye.

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