5 Steps To Get Motivated, Get Fit!

Get Motivated, Get Fit! – We all have our own personal definitions of what it means to be in shape. Whether it’s having a six pack, being able to run a six mile marathon, or even not having to huff and puff when walking up the stairs. The what isn’t as important as the why however.

So why get in shape? Maybe it’s too hard, takes too much time or you are simply content with how you are today. Well it’s a well known fact that only 1 in 5 American adults get enough physical activity to gain any substantial health benefits. With that in mind, chances are any excuse you have isn’t good enough.

If it’s as simple as walking the dog, biking with a friend, or yoga at the gym, then what excuse do we really have? Here’s a few simple ideas to help us overcome our motivation killers, stay in shape, and discover true mind and body fitness with the right mindset.

Get Motivated

Mirror, Mirror

Strip away that fancy watch, all those expensive clothes and what have you got? You! Take a good look at nothing but you in that full body mirror, and if there’s a few extra pounds showing back, the mirror won’t hesitate to show you what you need to work on.

Put Away The Fat Clothes

As the years bear down on us, most people buy clothing to accommodate our growing bodies. Wouldn’t it be better to accommodate to buy rather than the other way around? Stop buying clothes a size or two bigger simply because that’s the way your body is taking you. Take charge, and throw all those “fat clothes” in a box and mark: donation.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

When I was in officer training for the military, every morning we had a standard 5 k run to look forward to before breakfast. I was out of shape, and 15 years older than most every other officer there. After each morning run, I was always asked why I ran at the head of the line, and always exceeded what our commander asked of us. Every time I had to reply: don’t hold back and imagine a giant pancake at the finish line. If you have something to look forward to, a little jog will do nothing but make you appreciate the reward even more.

Some Quality “Me Time”

If you have a crazy hectic life-style, a trip to the gym, or a run around the block with your headset may be just what the doctor ordered to let you unwind a bit and get back in touch with yourself.

Make it Social

Don’t mind your busy schedule? That’s fine, grab a friend and go for a walk. Having a work out partner is great for physical performance and in helping you set fitness goals for yourself.

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This list of motivators is by now means definite, but I do hope it serves you well as a primer on your way to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Good luck!

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