11 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle

11 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle – There are certain steps we must take, if we wish to prolong not simply our numbers of years, but the quality of those years. The prime reason so many of us do not even bother to concern ourselves with improvement is the lack of time we all have.

Time however is one thing we are equally blessed with, and with each tick of the clock, can you really afford not to pursue a healthier you? What follows is a simple to use guideline to increase our well being, and promote health in those around us.

1. Eat More Vegetables

A 14 year old study has shown that people with diets higher in fruits and vegetables have a 70 percent lower risk of certain cancers. Besides they taste great are a colorful addition to any meal.

2. Eat Breakfast (Yes, Every Day!)

A survey of more than 2,000 people who lost more than 50lbs and kept that weight off for longer than 5 years, found that most ate breakfast every single day.

3. Have Fish at Least Once a Week

The super food of the sea, fish are packed with a number of vitamins and minerals and a major source of omega 3 fatty acids. Heart disease, alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, arthritis, and aging skin lines are all conditions fought with fish. Fish oils also help reduce blood clotting.

4. Blueberries

A great snack anytime, blueberries not only help reduce the risk of heart attack, but also help in keeping a keen intellect. Slowing the aging process is another great reason to get snacking!

5. Red Wine

Prevent tooth decay, sleep better and protect your heart all with a single glass of wine after a long days work. While wine hardens your tooth enamel, the melatonin in a glass of wine can help you sleep more peacefully, all while the antioxidants help reduce saturated fat which builds up in the arteries.

6. Try Volunteer Work

This line of work is known to expand your life expectancy, and promote overall well being.

7. Cherish Loved Ones

Any unhappy relationship increases your chances of getting sick, and shortens life expectancy by up to 4 years. So grab a loved one, and make some memories.

8. Depress Depression

Exercise not only reduces fat, and increases muscle mass, but also is a great stress reducer. Working out on a regular basis has been found to have an effect similar to taking anti-depressants. So, go for a hike, job or even a splash in the pool to work those muscles and have some fun!

9. Try a Banana

The potassium in a banana can help lower blood pressure.

Also yet another great guilt free snack.

10. Exercise Regularly

A regular workout is well known, for it’s positive health benefits as well as it’s reduction in stress and anxiety relief.

11. Stress Relief

Read a book, take a stroll, doing something that brings a little joy to your day can make any day brighter..

And there you have it, short and sweet. Just like all educational primers should be, I hope this article has inspired you too dig deeper into your own health. And remember: you only live once, so live it long and healthy!

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