effects of alcohol

How alcohol consumption affects your health?

Effects of alcohol consumption – Alcohol consumption can cause problems if it was not consumed in moderation. Alcohol consumption sometimes results in problems like alcoholism that is a behavior, wherein person seeks alcohol all the time and loses control over his reasoning.
The effects of alcohol can reflect on both social and personal life of the person.

Short term effects of alcohol consumption

  • Problems with vision and hearing. Poor coordination
  • less control over emotion and perception
  • inability to judge things the right way
  • bad breath and hangovers the next day

Long term effect of alcohol consumption

Though the problems mentioned above last only for while, in case a person continues drinking heavily over a long period of time, the results can be very bad. These include ailments related to liver, heart, pancreas and cancer too at times. The point to be noted is that the impact of alcohol is higher in women and the problems can be seen relatively sooner. The reason for this is that alcohol harms the inner organs and their functioning, thereby leading to serious health issues in the longer run.

The threats of alcohol consumption

Liver damage

It is due to long term heavy drinking among people, the problems like alcoholic hepatitis and inflammation of liver is seen. This is one among the serious threats posed by alcohol assumption and can lead to death if drinking is not stopped immediately.

Around 20 percent of heavy drinkers suffer from the problem of alcoholic cirrhosis that damages the liver. This problem caused by alcohol assumption can be solved only if the person decides to quit drinking. When the last stage of this disease is reached, liver transplantation is the only solution. The best solution would be to abstain from alcohol.

Heart related problems

Though controlled drinking can be helpful in releasing the stress and thereby reducing chances of heart attack, the impacts of long term drinking on the heart can be very bad. It can lead to high BP and thereby enhance chances of a stroke.


It has been proven that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to cancer related to throat and esophagus. Also problems associated with colon and rectum can be seen. In women, the chances of breast cancer are very high if the drinking gets excessive.

Pancreatic ailments

It is a known fact that since pancreas are instrumental in helping control the level of sugar in the body, the proper functioning of these organs is crucial. Problems such as the inflammation of the pancreas and severe pain in the stomach often occur among people with high alcohol consumption.

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