Prevent Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking

Prevent Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking – “It is a fact that people, who successfully quit the habit of smoking often end up putting on around ten pounds of weight,’ says Trina Ita, Quitline, counseling supervisor for the American Cancer Society.

This phenomenon can be related to two things:

  • Quitting smoking prompts you to overeat. Your craving for foods may increase as you would be able to taste and savor foods, especially the sweet ones. You would also want to chew something else, in place of smoking.
  • “Nicotine is known to increase the metabolism in the body. Hence, you may put on weight due to a decrease in metabolism after the cessation of smoking,” reveals Lirio Covey, PhD, director of the smoking cessation program at Columbia University in New York.

Ways to quit smoking without weight gain:

Do your workouts

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep weight gain at bay, while stopping the habit of smoking.

“In fact, your exercise regimen, whether it is walking or jogging would be fruitful and enjoyable after quitting smoking,” observes Covey. So, go ahead through the rigors of your workouts.

Smokers, after quitting the habit, often find it difficult to come to terms with the nervous energy. Different studies point out that exercising during the phase of quitting the habit, goes a long way both in terms of quitting the habit and fighting weight gain. In fact, by that their chances of quitting smoking effectively go up by 200 percent.

Other factors associated with quitting smoking:

Apart from exercise and a well-balanced diet, you can also be free from gaining those extra pounds through the following ways –

Chucking out a road map – “Planning in advance is the key to success. Many people, who intend to quit smoking even go for an exercise and diet program beforehand, so that by the time they quit smoking, they are at an advantageous position, as far as weight gain is concerned,” explains Covey.
Chew only healthy things as a replacement to smoking. It may be Tic Tac, sugar-free candies, a carrot or even a nicotine gum. It would help you in quitting the habit, while keeping any additional calorie build-up.
Try to take as much water as possible. It would not only keep your urge to smoke at bay, but would also give a fillip to the metabolism of the body.

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